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German made quality. Fully integrated solution with best possible results for each customer.

Major customers : Furniture surfaces, Lamination Flooring and other LPL Production;
HPL Board, Compact Boards, Worktops and other HPL Production;
CCL, PVC Board electronic insulating materials or other new materials.

Paper Impregnation Line
World-class impregnating & coating line for wood-based panel and electronic industries. Advantage of high speed stable operation, low consumption and high level of automation, etc.
Resin Kitchen System
Gravimet compact solution. Fully automatic resin weighing, metering and mixing kitchens. So vital to the continuity of the process.
Electrical System
Electric system adopts the latest Siemens-Lenze digital system, including: efficiency drive to control each element, paper tension domination, dryer temperature test and control, air quantity and pressure control, etc.
We insists on providing excellent services.Equipment modernization, quick response to spare parts, engineering technology and consulting services based on extensive experiences, process optimization and guidance, personnel training, etc.
Schentel Laminate Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd

Thanks to the joint work and collaboration of senior Chinese technical team and German experts, Schentel inherits and contributes to most advanced processing technologies of wood-based panels. We cover various legend auto parts production lines, e.g. impregnation, short-cycle press, HPL press etc.

As a professional equipment supplier, we can creatively provide cost-effective integrated solutions to meet each user's specific requirements. Our technology enable us to provide the most professional one-stop service from pre-consulting, project optimization & finalization to after-sale technical guidance and personnel training. Key parts of the lines are all purchased from European while manufacturing & assembling processes with strict conformance to German quality standards.      




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